2021 Milford Candidates

Milford’s Town Election Was Held Tuesday, April 6.
Congratulations to all the winners!

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IMPORTANT: Citizens for Milford does not endorse candidates.
This page provides basic information for voters that was provided by each of the candidates who chose to participate. The candidates who are in contested races are listed first, followed by all the candidates who are unopposed. All candidates in contested races are listed in alphabetical order.

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Candidates in Contested Races

Milford voters will have choices in five races: Board of Assessors, Board of Library Trustees, Parks Commission, School Committee, and Town Meeting Moderator.

One Seat on the Board of Assessors (Two Candidates)

Joshua Lioce (Incumbent)
My name is Josh Lioce, and I am a candidate for re-election to the Milford Board of Assessors. I am a lifelong Milford Resident of 41 years. My wife Julie (Orczyk) and I are the proud parents of two children: Ava, 14 and Nicholas, 11. I am a 1997 graduate of Milford High School and a 1999 Graduate of Massachusetts Bay Community College. I am an active Town Meeting Member in Precinct 6, as well as a member of the Downtown Revitalization Committee. My interest in public service started while attending college, as during that time I was a hired as the 1st Director of the Milford Youth Center during its infancy. A few years later as my interest turned to business, I opened my real estate office on Main Street in January 2003, which I still own and operate today. I am a member of several charitable organizations and truly enjoy giving back to our community. As a current elected member of the Board of Assessors, I have worked for the past 4 years and truly have enjoyed the work we do. Our office and staff have made great advancements in our operations, as well as the level of service we provide to the community.  I will continue to help maintain the sound fiscal position that so many have worked to achieve over the years for our community.

Learn more: Facebook: Josh Lioce
Contact: (508) 962-2909 | josh@lioceteam.com

James Wheelock
I’m James Wheelock–17 years new to Milford. I’ve been paying attention to municipal issues and the Board of Assessors since speaking publicly to oppose the Saint-Gobain TIF at the 2009 Special Town Meeting. I’ve been a vocal advocate for the interests of Milford residents over special interests ever since. My efforts promoting better transparency at Town Hall have contributed to increased accuracy of its online meeting calendar, and activation of the email alert system for meeting notices. I championed for the Select Board meeting packet to be online, and now Planning Board, ZBA, Conservation Commission packets are online. When Milford voted in support of Question 4 (2016 statewide referendum for marijuana legalization) I organized Milford Citizens for Fairness, residents supporting the retail sale of cannabis. In 2018, I created Heads Up Milford, a Facebook page with the goal of increasing civic involvement. I’ve followed the work of the Downtown Revitalization Committee since its inception. I also want a vibrant downtown, but question whether it’s appropriate for landlords to use taxpayer dollars to fund maintenance for storefronts. If you’re ready for a new perspective, vote for me on April 6. You can count on me to look out for your interests.

Learn more: Facebook: James-Wheelock-for-Board-of-Assessors
Contact: jvwheelock@gmail.com

Two Seats on the Board of Library Trustees (Three Candidates)

Marco Bon Tempo (Incumbent)
I am a candidate for re-election to a three-year term for Library Trustee of the Milford Town Library. My motivation for continuing to be a Trustee remains unchanged from three years ago:  my desire for public service to a local institution that I have benefited from my entire life. As a Trustee, I will continue to:

  • work in a collegial and cooperative manner with the Library Director and other Trustees to improve policies and procedures for enhancing the Library patrons’ experience.
  • ensure that your tax-dollars are prudently spent and advocate for Library funding at both the local and state levels.
  • work collaboratively with the Library Director, Trustees, and the Friends of the Milford Town Library for the benefit of the patrons.

The Milford Town Library is a marvelous asset for our community and its importance as a place of learning and belonging cannot be overstated. I have been an avid user of the Library for over 50 years and, as a member of the Friends, a passionate supporter of the Library, and I look forward to serving you for the another three years. Thank you for considering me as Library Trustee on or before April 6, 2021.

Contact: marcotbt@verizon.net

James M. Sherman
I’m a candidate for a three-year term for Library Trustee of the Milford Town Library because I would like to give back to the Milford community, and the library is a town institution that is particularly meaningful and important to me. My experience, dedication, and capacity for hard work will help the Board of Library Trustees meet future challenges facing the Library and our community. I’ve been a life-long user of libraries and believe that a library is one of the greatest assets that a community can have because it is available to all ages and offers free services found no place else. I’ve helped the Friends of the Milford Town Library at their book sales for years and have attended and supported the Library programs offered by the Friends. One of the library services I personally use the most is the Interlibrary Loan Talking Book Program, which along with the assistance of the library staff, has enriched my life. While the Trustees are responsible for the management of the Library, the Board must work together with the Library Director, Library Staff and Friends of the Library for the benefit of the patrons. Collaboration is crucial to ensure the Library is able to maximize its benefit for the community.

Contact: lupinlisa@comcast.net

Scott A. Vecchiolla
I am fully invested in the library’s success and prosperity and I have learned throughout the years that a good committee should constantly strive to improve the effectiveness that a board has on the community. This not only demonstrates good public services, but also good leadership. I’m a Vernon Grove Cemetery Trustee, Town Meeting member, and member of the Milford Pond Restoration Committee.

Learn more: Facebook: Scott-Vecchiolla-for-Library-Trustee
Contact: scottvecchiolla569@gmail.com

One Seat on the Parks Commission (Two Candidates)

Joseph P. Arcudi (Incumbent)
It is my desire to run for re-election for Park Commissioner because of my long commitment to the town of Milford. I have served as your Park Commissioner for the past 15 years, during that time we have been able to accomplish a number of projects:

  • Fino Field revitalization – thanks to Representative Fernandes and Representative Murray for securing a $100,000 earmark grant to renovate the Fino Field 
  • Utilized over $300,000 in funding to completely renovate the Fino Field lighting system
  • Served on the Upper Charles River bike trail committee as the Parks Commission representative 
  • Updating and refurbishing various town monuments and grounds
    Draper and Calzone War Memorial Parks – an ongoing project 
  • Working with Planning Board to access over $500,000 in funds through the destiny bonus program for field improvements and a new lighting system at the Rosenfeld and Inglesi baseball complex
  • Completed various Handicap accessible improvements and associated landscaping at Louisa Lake
  • Working with the Town Administrator and Handicap Commission to make ADA accessible improvements at other parks in town
  • Worked with the various youth groups in town to help improve softball, baseball and soccer fields
  • Renovation work at Plains Park to re-establish grades and improve playability and safety
  • Looking to secure grant money for improvements Town Park – tennis courts, fencing and other amenities 
  • Working with the FinCom Capital Planning subcommittee to annually put money aside for the future development of a new turf field 
  • We secured funding for an engineering and feasibility study for the renovation of the Fino Field pool

Learn more: facebook.com/ReelectJosephArcudi
Contact: 774-248-4025 |

William T. Cavazza III
I’m running to bring a different perspective to the park department board. After 18 years employed here, I can surely offer some different views on moving forward with our parks and employee issues. As a former cemetery commissioner, I am familiar with budget issues and dealing with employee/management relations. Thank you. William T. Cavazza lll.

Contact: billyc5@msn.com

Three Seats on the School Committee (Five Candidates)

Meghan Hornberger (Incumbent)

  • Born and raised in Milford, MHS Class of 1995
  • Graduate of Providence College (BA Psychology) & Northeastern University (MS Accounting/MBA)
  • Certified Public Accountant, 20 years of professional experience
  • Working in renewable energy industry as Director, Compliance and Director, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Together with my husband Brant, raising three boys (pre-K, 2nd grade & 8th grade) 
  • Memorial Elementary PTO President & School Council
  • Woodland Elementary School Council
  • Town Meeting Member
  • Current Vice Chair, Milford School Committee

What the Milford Public Schools Mean to Me:
The Milford Public School system represents the core of our community and the foundation of opportunity for our youth. Milford schools offer an inclusive environment for children to learn, explore and develop their whole selves.  Curriculum and extracurricular programming produce students who excel in academics, the arts, athletics and music. We are blessed with dedicated, compassionate educators working hard to challenge students. All residents benefit when students are prepared for success and learning opportunities are maximized. The world is changing; we as a community and district need to adapt and emerge stronger, preparing children to confront the challenges that await them. 

Learn more: facebook.com/meghornbergerforschoolcommittee
Contact: meghornberger12@gmail.com

R.J. Sheedy

  • MHS Graduate, Class of 2014 
  • Stop and Shop, various positions, October 2011-June 2019 (Milford, MA). November 2020-Present. (Franklin, MA) 
  • Current member of Milford TV
  • UCTV Producer, Town of Upton, MA. 2013-2015
  • Producer and host of “Talk Show with RJ Sheedy”, Milford TV, 2013-2019. 
  • Communication Student, Worcester State University, bachelor’s expected 2022.
  • Elected Milford Town Meeting Member, May 2018-Present
  • Milford School Committee Candidate , January 2019-April 2019
  • Union Organizer, UFCW Local 1445, June 2019-April 2020
  • Milford Democratic Town Committee Vice Chair,  April 2020-Present

What the Milford Public Schools Mean to Me:
Milford Public Schools mean everything to me. I grew up here. I went from starting at Shining Star to graduating Milford High School. My life is shaped by the schools which is why I am so passionate about them. I got into this race to pay it forward, to ensure that the next generation of students has the resources they need to be successful in this ever-changing world. I believe I can bring a unique perspective to the committee as I’m not far removed from my education in Milford Public Schools and I know first hand what we do great at and where we need to improve.

Learn more: www.facebook.com/rj4milford
Contact: (508) 244-2136 |  rjsheedy867@gmail.com

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr.
I have three young children enrolled in our district and I think our district has some concerns that need immediate attention.

My Platform: The town’s contribution to the to the School operating budget has been flat since 2003, we need to renovated or rebuild Stacy Middle and Milford High School and we need a sense or urgency.

Learn more: facebook.com/willievazquezforsc
Contact: williev1978@yahoo.com

Christopher Wilson (Incumbent)
My name is Christopher Wilson and I am currently completing my first term on the Milford School Committee.  I am running for re-election because I would like to continue to represent the Milford Community. Along with my wife Cathy, my son Ryan, and my daughter Caleigh we have called Milford home for more than 20 years.  I am a Northeastern University graduate with a mechanical engineer degree and currently work in Milford at a manufacturing company. My wife and I have raised our 2 children in this community where they have attended Milford Public Schools starting at Shining Star Preschool.  I enjoy being involved in my children’s education, which is why I choose to serve on school council and the school committee. I have also served on the Milford Community Use Board, was Vice Chairperson for the Milford Special Education Parent Advisory Council, and I am a town meeting member. I am looking to continue my role on our school committee as an independent voice that represents the families and most importantly the students of the Milford Public Schools.

What the Milford Public Schools Mean to Me:
The Milford public schools system is the foundation of our community.  Each day, more than 4000 students enter our school buildings to develop and enhance their knowledge.  They strive to achieve educational milestones and ultimately graduate. Their families put their trust in the outstanding staff who each day apply their knowledge to educate them in academics while fostering them emotionally.  The goal is to prepare each student for life beyond Milford Public Schools.  Our schools introduce students to the arts, to sports, and host clubs and activities that can provide experiences beyond the classroom setting.  A strong school community can foster new friends both for students and families.  The Milford Public School System is the opportunity to promote the future of Milford.  

Learn more: facebook.com/wilsonforschoolcommittee

Matthew Zacchilli
My name is Matthew Zacchilli, a Consulting Engineer, a father of three, and a fourth generation Milfordian. My inspiration derives from the Zacchilli family having proudly served the Town of Milford for well over 60 years. I am humbled by their examples and I am truly excited to be stepping up to follow in their footsteps.

What the Milford Public Schools Mean to Me:
Education is the single greatest service the Town of Milford offers to its residents. It’s the gateway to a successful life for our kids and the members of the school committee hold the keys to it. We have good schools and we have excellent teachers committed to giving the best there is to our children. With a more focused vision and proactive planning we can move our district from a good one to a great one!

Learn more: facebook.com/mzformsc
Contact: (508) 293-1703 | mzformilfordsc@gmail.com

Town Meeting Moderator (Two Candidates)

Gerald M. Moody, Sr.
I have served the Town of Milford for 42 years, 39 of them as Town Counsel. Over those many years, I was fortunate to both work closely with and observe Attorney Mike Noferi and the calm and even-handed way he guided Town Meeting. I was even able to fill in for him on occasions when he had to step aside. Those experiences and my years as Town Counsel have, I believe, well-prepared me to assume the role of Moderator after Mike’s untimely and unfortunate death. I relish the opportunity to give back to the community that so warmly welcomed myself and my family and allowed me to provide a happy home for them. I hope you will consider supporting me with your vote on April 6!

Learn more: facebook.com/MoodyForModerator
Contact: moody_gerald@yahoo.com

Michelangelo Bon Tempo
I grew up in a family with a tradition of public service to the citizens of Milford that dates back over a hundred years. My generation is the fourth to actively participate in the civic life of this community. A Town Meeting member since April of 2001, I have participated in 53 of 56 town meeting sessions. Since 2018, I have been actively involved in the Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee–a committee tasked with studying and pursuing improvements which will bring Milford’s town meeting into the 21st century. My work in the Committee entailed numerous meetings and consultations with our late Moderator, Attorney Michael J. Noferi, on the proceedings of Milford Town Meeting and its customs and traditions. These meetings and consultations resulted in my authoring a Milford Town Meeting Procedural Guide, which is currently under Committee review.The most important body of local government is our representative Town Meeting. We are 21 years into a new century, and I am committed, as your next Moderator, to use current technologies and best practices to run the meetings more efficiently and to allow every voter an opportunity to be heard.

Learn more: facebook.com/MichelangeloBTforModerator
Contact: electmikebtmoderator@gmail.com

Candidates Running Unopposed

Select Board

Paul Mazzuchelli
For many years (44 years) I had the privilege of proudly serving the residents of Milford, in the capacity as a member of the Board of Health, School Committee, Housing Authority Commissioner, and Health Agent. I thank you for the opportunity you gave me to serve you. Throughout these years, I learned respect, humility, hard work, and service. I was taught to focus on issues rather than political popularity and to accept people for who they are and respect their individuality. Now I am at a stage in my life that enables me to fully commit to serving our town in a greater capacity as a member of Milford’s Select Board. I also feel that if I am doing right for the residents of Milford, consequences will not effect my decisions. My candidacy offers continued commitment and valuable experience to Milford. I will continue to be an advocate, listening to all ideas of concerns in an effort to address the needs of Milford. I very much look forward to earning your support and trust once more to extend my service to the role as a member of your Select Board. This is your Town; no one else can make Milford reach its potential, but you. So, why am I running? I am running because I care.

Contact:  pamazz@comcast.net

Board of Health

Kenneth C. Evans  (Incumbent)

Planning Board

Bryan T. Cole
First of all, I’m a numbers guy — I have a doctorate in electrical engineering from Boston University, and I currently work as a research analyst for the Chicago Cubs. I’m running to bring that data-driven approach and new perspective to the planning board. As the father of a young daughter, I’m also running to make Milford a great place for her to grow up in. If elected, I will work to proactively tackle quality-of-life issues, including protecting our environment and preserving our town’s historical character. And I will work to build relationships with state agencies, other town departments, and local residents and business owners to streamline our efforts to build the future we all want for our town.

Learn more:

Contact: (508) 488-9535 | bcolemilford@gmail.com

Milford Housing Authority: 5-Year Seat

Katherine E. Consigli (Incumbent)

Sewer Commissioners

 Rudolph V. Lioce III (Incumbent)

Trustees of Vernon Grove

Ronald D. Gray (Incumbent)