2022 Milford Candidates

Milford’s Town Election Was Held Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

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This page provides basic information for voters regarding the candidates in contested races. All candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Editor’s Note: Content is being added to this page regularly. Citizens for Milford has invited all candidates to submit a paragraph explaining why they are running for office. That information is added as it comes in.


Watch the videos from both forums below. First is the forum featuring the candidates for Parks Commission and Planning Board. Second is the forum featuring candidates for School Committee. Citizens for Milford extends its sincerest gratitude to Milford TV for broadcasting and recording both forums. Thank you!

Note: We had originally announced that all four of the School Committee candidates would be participating in the second forum. However, RJ Sheedy withdrew from the forum, and John Erickson was diagnosed with Covid two days prior and was in quarantine on the night of the forum. So the School Committee forum hosted candidates Dr. Robyn Bratica and Mr. Derrick Sobers.


Milford voters will have choices in three races:
Parks Commission, Planning Board, and School Committee. Scroll down to learn more about each of the candidates running in these three races.

One Seat on PARKS COMMISSION (Two Candidates)

Scott J. Crisafulli
Email: scott368@gmail.com
Growing up in Milford as an athlete I had the opportunity to play sports on some of the best parks and fields around.  While the tradition of great parks and fields in Milford continues for youth baseball, softball, soccer, football and so many other activities, we need to continue to push for expanded recreational activities for all residents.  There is more we can offer including a dog park, skate park or an outdoor skating rink, our residents deserve more.

In my 32 years of service with the Milford Highway Department I have had the distinct privilege of working with the Parks Department throughout.  I began my MHD career as a young, energetic Laborer/Truck Driver, then learned and worked my way up over the years.  In 2008 I was appointed to the head management position of Highway Surveyor of the Milford Highway Department, a position I dutifully enjoy serving to this day. The Parks and Highway Departments have collaborated on numerous projects together and I understand the concerns and needs of the department.  The combined efforts in snow removal has saved many thousands of dollars but there is more that can be achieved.   

The MS4 Storm Water Management mandate has been a substantial burden for our tax payers and the Highway Department.  We have combined our efforts with the Parks Department on a grant which the Highway Department secured from CRWSA for $400,000.  The funds will be used to install rain gardens and an underground infiltration system to our storm water infrastructure adding to our mandated phosphorus removal program.  The combined efforts need to continue for storm water compliance, whether its BMP maintenance or using our parks for future storm water structures.  This effort will result in cost savings for our future compliance.

If elected to the Parks Commission I will face each and every challenge head on with safest, efficient results being the absolute goal.  I have always been committed to service that gets the most effective results.  As your Highway Surveyor I have managed to save over 12 million dollars in project costs with grants and other sources of funding, I will do the same for our parks.  It’s always been a priority to educate myself and the department for advancement to the benefit of our community.  I take great pride in the work I have done to keep Milford’s roads, sidewalks, bridges and dams maintained and safe, if elected this same work effort will go into our parks.  As a 32 year employee of the town I am dedicated to the success of our community. I ask your support to continue that commitment.

Charles E. Reneau
Email: creneau@townofmilford.com
As a lifelong resident of Milford and a candidate for Park Commissioner, I have the education and experience to make a difference. I hold a degree in Aboriculture and Park Management from the University of Massachusetts, I am a Massachusetts Certified Arborist (ret), I hold a certificate invasive plant management and I am a Massachusetts certified horticultural teacher. As a Milford‘s Tree Warden over the past several years, I have been involved with several key projects with the Park Department including the Draper Park renovation, Bike Trail maintenance, planting and maintenance of trees and advising Park Dept officials on several issues. Our community is not just broad avenues and tall buildings, our parks both active and passive along with our ecosystem and open space a part of what makes Milford great. I have the time, education,experience and ability to face the future challenges our parks may face. Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding Milford’s Parks.

One Seat on PLANNING BOARD (Two Candidates)

John (Ted) E. DePaolo
Email: dtbear97@yahoo.com | Facebook: JohnTedDePaoloForPlanningBoard

Jose M. Morais
Email: djmorais@comcast.net | Facebook: JoseMMoraisforPlanningBoard
Milford is a great place to put down roots and build a life. My wife Denise and I have raised 3 sons here and are thrilled that they have also chosen Milford to start their families.  Milford has so much to offer, a great sense of community, good schools, recreational facilities, a convenient location and abundance of retail and commercial options to serve the community. The draw of Milford is very clear, but we cannot stop imagining, designing and creating. There is still work to be done.

We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth and development since I first came to Milford in 1966. That growth brings opportunities and challenges. Our schools are at or nearing capacity, housing prices and real estate taxes continue to rise, and traffic is unbearable. To address these challenges we need careful, responsible planning that is best conceived through someone who has the technical experience, will listen to the needs of our residents and work collaboratively with the community and other town boards. 

I promise that as I represent you and your neighbors on the Planning Board that I will be listening to what you want for our community for both today AND tomorrow. I look forward to earning your vote between now and April 5th.

Two Seats on SCHOOL COMMITTEE (Four Candidates)

Robyn B. Bratica
Email: rbratica@gmail.com | Facebook: DrRobynBratica
I’m a lifelong Milford resident (MHS class of 2002) and my daughter is currently in 2nd grade at Brookside Elementary School. Professionally, I am an Assistant Professor of School Psychology and Interim Director of a Master’s of Arts/Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study Program in School Psychology. Prior to this experience, I worked within the Milford Public Schools as a School Psychologist, Adjustment Counselor, and Special Education Team Chairperson. I am extremely proud to be a graduate of Milford High School and absolutely love the fact my daughter is able to attend the same schools I did. Though professionally I was driven to transition to higher education, personally I want to remain involved in the education of students within Milford. We are in an unprecedented time, and mental health needs are paramount. Our children, of course, need to be at the forefront of our efforts, but we cannot forget about the faculty and staff who are expected to educate our children each and every day, while experiencing stress like never before. We also must work to rebuild family-school partnerships. The pandemic has created barriers to family involvement, and I will work to break those down. Schools are the pillar of our community, and I want to work to meet our community’s needs in only the way someone who has attended the schools, worked at the schools, and has a child at the schools can. I hope to be elected to the Milford School Committee to have the opportunity to advocate not only for my own child, but for all children in Milford.

John Erickson (Incumbent)
Email: john@ericksonelectric.net | Facebook: johnericksonforschoolcommittee
I am seeking my 3rd term on the Milford School Committee with the same motivation that led me to my first 2 terms.  I care a great deal about this community and want to do all that I can to contribute in a positive way.  In my first two terms, our Committee successfully opened the New Woodland School and re-aligned the district to the more traditional grades 3-5 at Woodland and transitioned Stacy back to Grades 6-8.  We hired a new Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Nursing, and other key personnel.  We added many new initiatives.  We bargained 2 successful Teacher contracts, and advocated and fought to appropriate adequate funding for our district at Town Meetings.  I have been an integral part in all of these efforts.  I seek election to my 3rd term with the promise to work just as hard as I have in the past on all of these matters.  I bring a commitment to the overdue renovation or replacement project at Milford High School, while also focusing to address the space, infrastructure, and programming needs at Stacy, Memorial, and Brookside Schools to improve the educational experience for every Milford Student.

RJ Sheedy
Email: rjsheedy867@gmail.com | Facebook: rj4milford

Derrick Sobers
Email: d.sobersma@gmail.com | Facebook: DerrickSobersForSchoolCommittee
Hello, I’m Derrick Sobers.  Proud husband and father of 3 awesome kids.  I’m a Milford resident of 13 years, a local business owner and town meeting member.  I am running for school committee because I share a vision that all Milford parents have: Graduate good, well-rounded, young adults ready to forge their own path. I am also running to represent this diverse community and student-body by offering a perspective through experience that current leadership does not have. My youngest child is a 5 year-old in Kindergarten.  I am invested in making sure Milford gives him and every other student the best opportunity to thrive all the way to graduation day. Please consider voting for me on April 5th and connect with me @ electderricksobers.com!

PHOTO: Candidate Forum Hosted by Citizens for Milford in Upper Town Hall in 2014.

Attend Both Candidate Forums

  • Tuesday, March 22: Parks Commission and Planning Board
  • Wednesday, March 23: School Committee

Both forums will take place in Upper Town Hall. Come at 6:30 p.m. to meet the candidates. Both forums will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. and will allow citizen participation. These events are free and open to the public. Learn more.