Concrete Batch Plant 2015

The Milford Planning Board voted on September 15, 2015 to approve the site plan for a  concrete batch plant, proposed by FRE Building Corporation, Inc. to be built on property owned by Fafard Real Estate & Development at 400 East Main Street (Route 16)  in Milford. The property is located on the north side of Route 16, east of I-495.Concrete Plant Location

Map courtesy of Town Crier 10 April 2015

Quick Facts About This Proposal
The following information is taken directly from documentation provided by the developer. Links to these documents, as well as to relevant news articles, are provided below.

  • The property is zoned appropriately for this type of commercial activity.
  • The entire concrete batching operation will be enclosed in a prefabricated building, including batching equipment, bins, silos, air compressors, blowers, conveyors, motor controls, etc. (Refer to Response Letter dated 13 July.)
  • A concrete batching plant is a transit mix facility, a facility in which ingredients are loaded into the truck at the plant and then mixed in the truck as it drives to the job site. All loading activities are enclosed within one building. (Refer to Attorney Letter Clarifying What the Plant Is dated 5 August .)
  • The proposed plans include environmental control features, such as dust collection systems, emission control systems, and wastewater management. (Refer to Response Letter dated 13 July.)
  • The facility will require a Limited Plan Approval from MassDEP. “MassDEP will conduct a thorough review of the facility and will only issue a Limited Plan Approval if the Applicant demonstrates that the facility will operate in compliance with all applicable air quality (including noise) standards. (Refer to Response Letter dated 4 August .)
  • The proposed hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Traffic generated by this plant includes output trucks (concrete mixing trucks), material delivery trucks, employee vehicles, and miscellaneous trips. On days of peak demand a total of 84 trucks and vehicles are expected to enter and exit the plant for a total of 168 vehicle trips. (Refer to Traffic Impact Study 19 June 2015.)
Citizens for Milford acknowledges that the property is zoned correctly, but we have stated to the Planning Board that we would like to ensure all protections built into this plant to safeguard air quality, water supply, etc. will be implemented correctly, monitored, and enforced.

Supporting Documents

Traffic Impact Study 19 June 2015

Response Letter to Planning Board from Engineer Regarding Town Engineer’s Review 13 July 2015

Response Letter to Planning Board Regarding Town Engineer’s Traffic Concerns 14 July 2015

Letter to Planning Board from Attorney Asserting Limited Authority of Planning Board and Explaining MassDEP Permit Process 4 August 2015

Letter to Planning Board from Attorney Clarifying What the Plant Is and Is Not 5 August 2015

Supporting Links

TOWN CRIER: Concrete Plant Proposed for East Main Street by Kevin Rudden, 15 April 2015

MILFORD DAILY NEWS: Milford Planning Board to Tackle Plant, Plaza by Bill Shaner 13 July 2015

MILFORD DAILY NEWS: Milford Residents Oppose Concrete Plant Development by Bill Shaner 14 July 2015

MILFORD DAILY NEWS: Milford Planning Board to Resume Concrete Plan Talk Amidst Neighbor Backlash by Bill Shaner 10 August 2015

MILFORD DAILY NEWS: Board Approves Concrete Plant Despite Resident Protest by Bill Shaner 15 September 2015

Additional information is available in the meeting minutes of the Planning Board. To download these files, go to the Planning Board page on the Milford Town website.

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