2020 Milford Candidates

Milford’s Town Election Has Been Postponed to Tuesday, June 16.
Do You Know Who Is on the Ballot?

To help Milford voters get to know all of the candidates, we have published below basic information about each of them—their own statements about why they are running, as well as contact information and other resources for learning more.

IMPORTANT: Citizens for Milford does not endorse candidates.
This page provides basic information for voters that was provided by each of the candidates. The candidates who are in contested races are listed first, followed by all the candidates who are unopposed.  All candidates in contested races are listed in alphabetical order.

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Candidates in Contested Races

Milford voters will have choices in four races: Board of Library Trustees, Board of Selectmen, Highway Surveyor, and School Committee. In addition to reading the profiles below, consider checking out the following other sources to get to know each of the candidates:

Two Seats on the Board of Library Trustees (Five Candidates)

READ a SUMMARY of the Candidate Forum featuring three of the candidates in the race for Board of Library Trustees in the Milford Daily News.

Edward Bertorelli (Incumbent)
First off— I want to thank the Citizens for Milford for hosting this forum. The Milford Town Library is an invaluable community resource for citizens and taxpayers of all ages. The Town Library has benefited  from solid support from Town officials and the Finance Committee. As your incumbent Library Trustee, I bring over 30 years of experience in Library governance and administration to my candidacy. I was first elected a Library Trustee in 1988. In 1995, I was appointed by Gov. Weld and reappointed by Gov. Cellucci  as a member of the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners. The MBLC coordinates libraries in the state and funds library construction. In 2002, I was nominated by President G.W. Bush and unanimously approved by the Senate of the United States to serve as a member of the National Commission for Libraries and Information Sciences. I ran again for Library Trustee and was elected three years ago. I am also involved  in other Town Boards. I serve on the Milford Housing Authority and the Milford Geriatric Authority. As your Trustee I have worked to improve and expand library services. I ask for your vote in the upcoming Town Election to allow me to continue to serve you. Thanks.

Contact:  ebertorelli@verizon.net

David Probert
I have been a resident of Milford since 1989, my 3 children were raised here,  and we have used the library as a resource for years. The library is an invaluable resource for our community. I retired from medical practice 3 years ago, as a physician assistant, and would like to become more involved in giving back to the community. My personal data: I am retired from the Coast Guard, from UMass Medical center, and Tufts Medical center. I am active with the Boy Scouts of America, and I am a trustee of the First United Methodist Church in Milford. I see the trustee position as a place that I can give back to the community. Thank You for your consideration

Contact: dprobertpac@gmail.com

Ann Ragosta
My name is Ann Ragosta and I’m running for a seat on the Library Board of Trustees.  I’m fairly new to Milford, and one of the first things I did when I moved here, was to go to the library and get my library card.   I’m running for Library Trustee because I truly believe that reading transforms lives – I know this, because reading transformed my life when I was a young child – I spent countless hours at my city library and those hours fundamentally formed who I am today.  I believe what historical fiction author John Jakes believes:  Libraries are a pillar of any society – they are everyman’s free university.  Before moving to Milford, I lived in Walpole where I served as a Town Meeting Representative; sat on the Finance Committee and Personnel Board; and served as a Selectwoman until I moved here.  I want to be part of maintaining our Town Library and to support its mission to foster literacy and provide information to young and old alike, so that this very important institution remains relevant for generations to come. Thank you for your vote.

Contact: 508-212-5175 | ann.ragosta@yahoo.com

Alfred Spittler
To my fellow citizens,
I am running for Library Trustees to continue the work I have done to make the library a better place for everyone. Last August I was appointed to the Library Board of Trustees to fill a vacancy and have work on various committees to help the Library and its staff be the best that it can be. I believe that there is more work to do to help the Library continue to blossom and provide great service to the greater Milford Community. With this being said I humbly ask for your vote on April 7th. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me at Alfred.spittler@gmail.com. Thank you for your time.

Contact: Alfred.spittler@gmail.com

Scott Vecchiolla
I am a life-long Milford resident and have been a Town Meeting member since 2009. I have also been a Vernon Grove trustee since 2010. In addition, I serve on the Milford Pond Restoration committee. I believe being on these boards gives me the experience to be a good library trustee. I am open minded and make the right decisions. Please consider me for your vote on April 7. Thank you.

Learn more: Facebook: Scott Vecchiolla Library Trustee

Contact: 774.606.5640 | vecchiollaangelo392@gmail.com

One Seat on the Board of Selectmen (Two Candidates)

⇒ READ a SUMMARY of the Candidate Forum featuring the two candidates for Selectman in the Milford Daily News.

Joshua Lioce
My name is Josh Lioce and I am a candidate for the Milford Board of Selectmen. As a member of the Board of Selectmen, I plan on increasing attention on our downtown revitalization. Milford’s downtown needs a long-term strategy to ensure it can thrive as we move into the future. Blight, sanitary violations and overcrowding continue to be a problem for our town. We must have a clear set of goals and objectives for our Neighborhood Task Force’s focus and work towards holding property owners accountable. As a current elected assessor, I am a member of the town’s financial team and as your selectman I will continue to work to maintain the sound fiscal position that so many have worked to achieve over the years. In my work, I am constantly fighting the negative perception of our town. Too many families are choosing to live outside of Milford. My family has been in this town for over 100 years and I am committed to change that perception of our town so that my family and yours can proudly call Milford home for generations to come. I hope to earn your vote as Selectman on Tuesday, April 7th.

Learn more: Facebook: Josh Lioce

Read an interview with Josh Lioce on Patch.

Contact: (508) 962-2909 | josh@lioceteam.com

Thomas O’Loughlin
I am running to serve as your Selectman because I would like to be involved and give back to the community that has given so much to me and my family.    During the 17 years that I served as Police Chief, I worked with residents, businesses and Town officials to maintain Milford as a great place to live and work and I helped those in need with compassion and understanding. I will bring this same culture of personal respect and understanding to the Board of Selectmen.   I will be a strong and independent voice but will always be willing and able to work with others when they bring ideas to the table that are in the best interests of the Milford community. I have more than 30 years of municipal and budgetary experience.  I believe that working together we can find solutions to any problem or concern and I would be honored to serve as a Selectman, leading efforts to ensure that Milford remains a desirable and vibrant community. Together we can accomplish this for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. I respectfully ask for your vote on April 7th.

Learn more: Facebook: Tom O’Loughlin Selectman 2020

Read an interview with Tom O’Loughlin on Patch.

Contact: Cell:  (508) 733-6331 | milfordchief@aol.com

Highway Surveyor (Two Candidates)

Scott Crisafulli (Incumbent)
It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve as your Highway Surveyor for the past 13 years. The town has grown, the job has grown, and I have grown with it. There is no challenge that wasn’t faced head on as your Highway Surveyor that we couldn’t complete. I take great pride in the work I have done to keep Milford’s roads, sidewalks, bridges, and dams safe for residents no matter the conditions. My commitment to safety and fiscal responsibility has brought the town and department to a higher level of service. The Town of Milford is in the second year of the Phase II EPA mandated Ms4 Stormwater Permit. This requires a high level of experience, responsible decision making, and a town wide plan to move forward. My 13 years of experience in overseeing Milford’s Stormwater program has give me the knowledge and experience to comply with the Phase II Ms4 20 year permit. As a 30-year employee of the town, I am dedicated to the success of the department and the community. I ask for your support to continue that commitment.

Learn more: Facebook: Scott J. Crisafulli Candidate for Highway Surveyor

Contact:  508-400-7228 | crisafulli4highway@gmail.com

Jamie Luchini
My name is Jamie Luchini and I am running to be your Highway Surveyor. I was a fifteen-year employee of the Milford Highway Department when I chose to move forward and further my career. Six years ago, I accepted a job as the Highway Superintendent for the Town of Northbridge. Since that time, I have become a Certified Public Procurement Official as well as a Licensed Construction Supervisor. I have implemented many programs in Northbridge such as year-round hot asphalt pothole repair, sidewalk and ADA ramp replacements, and have overseen the construction of a new 2.5-million-dollar highway garage.  My biggest goal is to create a 50-hour operating Department from the current 40-hour operation, without adding a single dollar to the budget. This would allow for a much more efficient leaf pick up program, pothole repair and street sweeping. I also want to establish a vegetative maintenance program, cleanup the Highway garage facilities and completely restructure how road work is bid and completed in Milford. This will lead to a greatly reduced amount of time that roads would be under construction.  Please allow me to bring back the Availability and Accountability to your Highway Department.

Learn more: Facebook Page: Jamie Luchini for Highway Surveyor

Contact: lucco79@comcast.net

Two Seats on the School Committee (Four Candidates)

Michael Aghajanian
My name is Michael Aghajanian, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, husband, father, lifelong resident of Milford, small business owner and former business executive. I would like your vote on April 7 for the open seat on School Committee. I am highly invested in the success of Milford Public Schools. For over 12 years my wife has proudly taught at Milford High School, and in 2021, my daughter will enter kindergarten at Memorial Elementary. I have the passion to ensure that all Milford children get the education they deserve and that our teachers are supported to carry out this mission.

  • I will demand responsible management of the $60 – 70 Million entrusted to the Superintendent by advocating priorities raised by the local community while working closely with the Financial Committee and other key departments in town to ensure financial stability.
  • I will provide strong leadership and accountability to make Milford Schools the number one choice for our local and surrounding communities, reducing the over 2.5 million dollars annually reallocated by school choice.
  • I will lead and drive the Superintendent to develop an actionable and measurable plan to address the increasing number of disadvantaged students throughout the entire district.

Learn more: Facebook: Elect Aghajanian

Contact: Michael@aghy.net

Jennifer Parson (Incumbent)
A resident of Milford for 23 years, I have been honored to spend the last 6 years  as a member of the Milford School Committee. Additionally, throughout my career, I have worked in several Massachusetts communities as a middle and elementary school teacher, an assistant principal, principal, and now assistant superintendent. Serving on the school committee has afforded me the opportunity to advocate for excellence in the Milford Public Schools. This work has included: supporting valuable programs and positions, collaborating on responsible budget preparation, negotiating contracts with our unions, contributing to policy development, improving our technology infrastructure,  hiring a forward thinking superintendent, and celebrating the opening of the Woodland School. I have had the distinct privilege of seeing our students’ accomplishments as they leave MHS prepared for their next chapter, whether that is the job force, the military, or a college experience. Our school committee is positioned to face the challenge of Milford’s rapidly growing student population, combined with some of our aging and overcrowded facilities. I very much embrace the possibility of contributing to this important work, and I respectfully ask for your vote as I seek re-election to the Milford School Committee. Thank you!

Learn more: Facebook: Jennifer Parson for School Committee

Contact: jenkyle11@verizon.net

Brendan Rickert
I’m running for School Committee as education is the most important part of our children’s lives. Between my years spent learning and the time I spent teaching at Sacred Heart University, I have developed a passion for education. I believe that there are four cornerstones in order for a student to have a successful and comprehensive experience: Safety, Access, Community, and Vision. Our town is facing many important and tough decisions in the upcoming years and I promise to bring an open and thoughtful mind to every challenge brought before us. I want to expand our social-emotional learning for the students and teachers, bring more resources to our students with disabilities, demand transparency and details of the School Committee’s actions and goals, and ensure every new initiative is designed to meet the demands our students will face when they enter the workforce. I envision a future in Milford where students can feel prepared to leave our hallways for whatever school, skilled trade, or career that they want to pursue. I look forward to working with you and please vote on April 7th.

Learn more: Facebook: Rickert For Milford

Contact: brickert.milford@gmail.com

Frederick Steinmann
Children are our future! Hi, my name is Ferdi Steinmann and I am running for one of two available School Committee seats. Why? I can give several reasons… but if I had to choose only one… it would be that my Family… wife, Mari and our 2 sons, Iwan & Marcu, and I are passionate and compassionate Christian believers who love to serve others. As a loving husband, a dad, an immigrant, a USA citizen, a semi-professional rugby player, a leader at our local church and an ex-teacher, I have seen and experienced first-hand what it means to invest in our future. We don’t always have the funds to do what we want, so we need to become agile and creative in how we secure that our future is in good hands. That’s where I come in… I am energized by challenges and opportunities. I like to “get on the field” with our children, our parents, and our teachers, our community to ensure we deliver tomorrow’s future… our children. Vote for me, only if you believe that I am sincere in my commitment that every child matters, regardless of their faith, color, socio-economic status, native tongue or intellectual prowess… Because … They ARE our Future and they ARE OUR Children!!

Learn more: Facebook: FCSteinmann 4 Milford School Comittee 

Linked in: FC Steinmann

Contact: 949-290-0059 | fsteinmann@opentext.comFCSteinmann@gmail.com | Send Message: m.me/FCSteinmann4MilfordSchoolCommittee

Candidates Running Unopposed

Board of Assessors

Joseph P. Niro (Incumbent)
I have been serving on the Board of Assessors for forty years and would like to continue. I love helping homeowners work out their problems. Thank you.

Board of Health

Leonard A. Izzo, Sr. (Incumbent)

Milford Housing Authority: 5-Year Seat

Jennifer S. Walsh

Milford Housing Authority: 4-Year Seat

Patrick G. Holland

Park Commissioner

Paul Jose Braza (Incumbent)

Planning Board

Marble L. Mainini, III (Incumbent)

Sewer Commissioners

Thomas J. Morelli (Incumbent)

Town Clerk

Amy Hennessy Neves (Incumbent)
I have worked for the Town of Milford since 1998. I started in the Treasurer’s Office as a Payroll Clerk. In 2003, I transferred to the Town Clerk’s Office as an Administrative Clerk and the rest is “history.” I was appointed to Assistant Town Clerk and then Acting Town Clerk in 2006. I was first elected in 2007 for a one-year term and subsequent three-year terms to follow. I graduated from the New England Municipal Clerk’s Institute and Academy in 2014, received my Massachusetts Municipal Clerk Certification in 2016 and I also received my Certification from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks in 2019. I am currently working on my second MMC Certification and have also been newly sworn in as a Justice of the Peace this year. It has been my pleasure to assist the public with the various services that the Town Clerk’s Office offers and it would be my honor to continue to serve the residents and voters of the Town of Milford as Town Clerk.

Contact: (508) 634-2307 | aneves@townofmilford.com

Trustees of Vernon Grove

Henry M. Shahnamian (Incumbent)