Citizens for Milford holds public meetings at least once a year. The highlight of each meeting is a discussion with town officials, enabling Milford residents the opportunity to hear more about their work and to ask them questions. All residents of Milford who are interested in meeting town leaders, sharing concerns, and working with us on projects that improve the community are invited to attend. If you have an idea to share with us but are unable to attend our next meeting, please send an email to We would love to hear from you!

Our public meeting dates are posted in the “Upcoming Events” section of our website. We also send email reminders, post notices on our Facebook page, and send press releases to local media outlets to announce our meetings. To sign up for email updates, click here.

Videos from Citizens for Milford Public Meetings

Thanks to Milford TV, our public meetings are now recorded and broadcast. Watch our past meetings below.

On January 30, 2020 Citizens for Milford hosted Elie Boutros, a Partnership Specialist with the Census Bureau;  Dr. Jacquelyn Murphy, Milford’s new Health Officer; and Ron Pagnini, Chairman of the Milford Downtown Revitalization committee and committee member Pete Moynihan.

Superintendent Kevin McIntyre; Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Craig Consigli; English Learner Program Director Jennifer Noorjanian; Special Education Director Lucy Jenkins; High School Principal Josh Otlin; and members of the School Committee presented information about what is happening in our schools at our January 16, 2019 meeting.

Parks Director Mike Bresciani and Parks Commissioners Joe Arcudi, Paul Braza, and Paul Pellegrini attended our January 30, 2018 public meeting to discuss their work maintaining and improving Milford’s parks, fields, trail, playgrounds, and other facilities.

Health Agent Paul Mazzuchelli and Building Commissioner John Erickson answered questions from Milford residents at our public meeting on February 8, 2017.

A discussion of the proposed Chapter 40B apartment complex Robsham Village and its potential positive and negative impacts on our community was the primary agenda item at our September 21, 2016 public meeting held at St. Mary’s Parish Hall. Steve Trettel presented an overview of information provided by Town Counsel Gerald Moody. The residents who attended had many questions, which Citizens for Milford typed and forwarded to Attorney Moody for a response. Those answers will be provided on this website the first week of October.

Guests at the January 27, 2016 meeting included Town Administrator Rick Villani, Finance Director Zach Taylor, and Assistant Town Accountant Wendell Phillips.

Guests at the April 8, 2015 meeting  included Police Chief Thomas O’Loughlin, Highway Surveyor Scott Crisafulli, and Milford Farmers Market President Jennifer Demanche-Yohn.

Minutes from Citizens for Milford Public Meetings
Following are links to the minutes from our previously held public meetings. Please note that these files simply summarize the ideas and concerns presented by everyone in attendance. Because a topic is listed as being discussed does not indicate that Citizens for Milford supports every opinion and idea. Our goal at these meetings is not only to present to the public what projects we are working on, but also to allow members of the community to come together to share concerns and ideas. The leadership group meets separately to discuss new project ideas and determine which ones fall within the scope of our mission and time availability.

Meeting Minutes for 14 January 2015 Public
Meeting Minutes for 16 September 2014 Public
Meeting Minutes for 11 June 2014 Public