Following are videos from the first Milford CARES information meeting, as well as presentations recorded by the Westborough Opts Out coalition. Choose a category or scroll down to review each of the videos.

Milford TV Interviews
Milford CARES Information Meeting
Westborough Presentations

Milford CARES hosted the Community Forum on Recreational Marijuana in Milford September 12, 2017. This public event addressed the specific concerns Milford CARES has identified as threats to our kids’ health, public safety, and the integrity of our family community if Milford were to vote to allow recreational marijuana establishments to operate here. Speakers included Board of Selectmen Chairman William E. Kingkade, Jr.; Selectman William D. Buckley; Selectman Michael K. Walsh; School Committee Chairman Joseph Morais; Attorney John Sofis Scheft; Neuroscientist Dr. Amy Turncliff; Community Advocate Jody Hensley; and Dr. Jeffrey Hopkins, MD (Medical Director, Emergency Services at Milford Regional Medical Center). Milford CARES extends sincerest gratitude to all the speakers and to all the Milford residents who attended to learn more about this critical vote facing our community. Let’s keep Milford SAFE! Vote YES on September 19!

Milford TV Interviews

Milford CARES representatives Jose Costa, Donna Niro, Beverly Swymer, and Tony Chiarelli interview with John Tehan on “All Politics Is Local” to discuss the many reasons Milford voters should vote YES on September 19.

Milford CARES representatives Geri Eddins and Jeff Niro discuss the mission of Milford CARES and explain why we are advocating for a YES vote on September 19 to ban recreational marijuana stores in Milford.

Milford CARES Information Meeting

Milford CARES invited town officials, community leaders, and other Milford residents to attend two information meetings at the library on June 27 and June 29, 2017. The following videos are excerpts from the June 29th meeting.

Citizens for Milford Co-chairman Steve Trettel introduces Milford CARES and its goals.

Milford CARES Chairwoman Donna Niro welcomes attendees, explains our mission, and outlines the three critical reasons to vote YES to prohibit pot shops in our family community. The “Then and Now” video she introduces is available on DVD.  If you would like to borrow it, email us at:

Milford Selectman Mike Walsh expresses his support for Milford CARES and explains why pot shops do not belong in Milford.

Communications Coordinator Geri Eddins reviews the printed materials and discusses the Milford zoning map. To download your own packet, click here.

Outreach Coordinator Beverly Swymer encourages everyone to support our effort and provides details on how folks can help spread the word.

Westborough Presentations

The town of Westborough voted to ban recreational marijuana establishments earlier this year. The following two videos include a discussion with the Westborough Police Chief and a formal presentation made by the Westborough Opts Out coalition.

“Discussion of the 2016 Marijuana Law” with Westborough Police Chief Alan Gordon and Community Activist Jody Hensley by Westborough TV.

“Commercializing Pot: The Big Tobacco of the 21st Century” as presented in Westborough, Massachusetts, March 2017.