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Many Great Ideas Suggested at First Public Forum

Thank you to all Milford residents who took the time not only to attend our first community meeting on June 11th, but also for sharing your sincere concerns and ideas for improving life in Milford. A lot of great topics were raised! Although no definitive decisions were made, some issues received more enthusiasm than others. Many will be revisited for further discussion.

We look forward to working together with as many citizens and groups in Milford as possible!

Read coverage of the meeting in the Milford Daily News.

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JOIN US! Meeting Scheduled for New Members

Citizens for Milford is welcoming new members! We invite you to attend an information meeting to learn about our mission, discuss our current projects and plans, and share your ideas for improving the quality of life in Milford.

Wednesday, June 11th
6:30 p.m.
Milford Town Library, Granite Room

Please join us on June 11th and find out what Citizens for Milford is all about. Bring a friend or neighbor, as well as a concern or issue you would like to recommend we consider addressing.