Town Meeting Working Group


In 2015 Citizens for Milford proposed to the Board of Selectmen that a working group be formed to identify opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of Town Meeting. The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved this proposal and gave Citizens for Milford the green light to establish a Town Meeting Working Group (TMWG), which will periodically report progress to the Board of Selectmen, using the following methodology:

Step 1:   Establish a Town Meeting working group comprised of:

  • One Town Meeting member from each precinct;
  • One Town Meeting Member At Large;
  • Up to three Selectmen designees; and
  • Up to three CFM members.

Step 2:   Develop and conduct a survey to receive input from all Town Meeting Members.

Step 3:   Develop recommendations based on:

  • The results of the survey; and
  • Consultations with town counsel, town clerk, and the various town boards, department heads, and committees.

Step 4:   Issue a report with the recommendations, implementation plan and circulate for public comment.

Step 5:   Presentations to the Board of Selectmen.   

Mission Statement
At the first meeting of the TMWG (which was held June 27, 2016), the committee agreed upon the following mission statement:

The objective of the TMWG is to evaluate the entire process and to improve upon the methods of presenting information to Milford residents while maintaining a pleasant and informative forum to hear their concerns and opinions.  It is essential that precinct members have ample opportunity to understand the issues and be better prepared to make rational decisions.

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from all meetings of this committee will be published here as they are approved.

Following are links to letters and other communications regarding the progress of the TMWG.