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MANY Town Meeting Seats are OPEN. Check Out Our Easy Instructions for Running a Write-In Campaign!

Have you always wanted to run for Town Meeting, but didn’t want to collect all those signatures? Well, there’s another way. This year Town Meeting has openings for 3-year seats in every precinct, and you could run for one of them simply by asking voters in your precinct to write in your name and street address when they vote on April 4th.  Here is a list of the open Town Meeting seats in each precinct:

  • Precinct 1: 2 Three year openings
  • Precinct 2: 3 Three year openings and 1 two year opening
  • Precinct 3: 1 Three year opening
  • Precinct 4: 5 Three year openings, 1 two year opening, and 1 one year opening
  • Precinct 5: 2 Three year openings
  • Precinct 6: 2 Three year openings and 1 one year opening
  • Precinct 7: 1 Three year opening
  • Precinct 8: 3 Three year openings, 2 two year openings, and 1 one year opening

To read more about the responsibilities of Town Meeting and how it operates, click the TOWN MEETING tab.

To run a write-in campaign, follow these tips to ensure the best possible outcome:

  • Ask friends, family members, and neighbors who live in your precinct to vote for you by writing in your name. Focus on folks you know who are likely to vote.
  • Be sure that the voters know the correct spelling of your name and your street address.
  • Explain to voters that to vote for you, all they need to do is write in your name and street address in the appropriate space for Town Meeting Members AND to fill in the oval at the end of the line. If the oval is not filled in, the vote does not count! Voters must use the marker provided in the voting booth to fill in the oval. See the illustration below.
  • Tell voters to bring a ballpoint pen to use to write in your name and address because the write-in space is too small for the marker provided in the ballot box.
  • To make this as easy as possible for your voters, give them a small slip of paper or a business card with your name and address typed on it. Be sure to tell them NOT to leave this at the polls. Simply suggest that they put the paper in their pocket or purse when they are done voting. It is OK to bring this into the ballot box; it is not OK to leave it there.
  • Remember to vote for yourself on April 5th!
  • Before the election date, please call the Town Clerk’s office at (508) 634-2307 OR send an email to the Town Clerk at to let her know you are running a write-in campaign. This will help the staff count the write-in votes more easily at the end of the night.
  • The Town Clerk respectfully requests that you do NOT give voters stickers to put on their ballots because the stickers jam the vote counting machines.

How to Write In a Candidate 2016

Download a handout with instructions for running a write-in campaign for Town Meeting. 

Miss the Candidates Forum? Watch the Video

Citizens for Milford hosted its Fourth Annual Candidates Forum on March 16, 2017, which featured candidates in the five contested races (two seats on the Board of Selectmen, as well as one Constable position, one seat on the Board of Assessors, and one seat on the Planning Board) in Milford’s upcoming town election. Each of the candidates presented an opening statement and answered questions from the audience. Recognizing the service of all our town candidates, Citizens for Milford also invited unopposed candidates to attend and to meet voters during the “meet and greet” time at the beginning of the evening.

Citizens for Milford would like to thank all the candidates who participated, as well as the many voters who attended and posed questions. In addition, we extend our gratitude to our co-sponsor The Town Crier for event coverage, Milford TV for event video recording, Milford Daily News for event coverage, and St. Mary of the Assumption Church for use of their Parish Hall.

To watch the forum video, and peruse other pertinent election videos and information, visit the TOWN ELECTION page by clicking the TOWN ELECTION tab.

MILFORD VOTERS! Be sure to make your voices heard and VOTE on Tuesday, April 4th! We look forward to seeing you at the polls.