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Citizens for Milford Launches Milford CARES

Citizens for Milford has formed a Community Task Force, Milford CARES (Milford Community Against Recreational Marijuana Retail Establishments), to address the potential for retail sales of recreational marijuana in Milford. This Task Force is a cross-functional team of concerned citizens, local officials, subject matter experts, educators, and health care providers whose mission is to inform Milford residents about facts, concerns, and consequences of retail marijuana sales.

We need the support of other community leaders. Please contact us to let us know how you can help! Simply send an email to us at:

Mission Statement

The mission of Milford CARES is to maintain the health, safety, and integrity of our family community by informing Milford residents about the consequences imposed by retail sales of recreational marijuana and by advocating for a YES vote on September 19 to opt out of retail sales of all nonmedical marijuana in our town.

In addition, Milford CARES respects the rights of citizens to consume medical marijuana for compassionate care, as well as the rights of all Massachusetts citizens to consume recreational marijuana as legally allowed by Massachusetts state law.

Learn more on the Milford CARES page on this website.

Working together we can protect the health and safety of our kids and families and preserve the integrity of our family community for generations to come.

Milford to Vote on Whether or Not to Ban Recreational Marijuana Retailers in September

The Town of Milford will be holding a Special Town Election on Tuesday,
September 19. On the ballot will be one question:

Shall the Town prohibit the operation of Marijuana Retailers, as defined in G.L. c.94G § 1, within the Town of Milford, a summary of which appears below?


General Laws Chapter 94G, Section 3, allows cities and towns in the Commonwealth to approve By-Laws or Ordinances prohibiting certain Marijuana establishments to operate. The question above, if voted in the affirmative, would prohibit the establishment of Marijuana Retail Establishments in Milford, such establishments being defined in G.L. c. 94G, § 1 as “…, an entity licensed to purchase and deliver marijuana and marijuana products from marijuana establishments, and to deliver, sell or otherwise transfer marijuana and marijuana products to marijuana establishments and to consumers.” An affirmative vote would not prohibit “Marijuana Cultivators” or “Marijuana Product Manufacturers” as defined in said statute and would not prohibit Medical Marijuana Establishments.  Further, no ban would be in effect until the Town Meeting should pass a By-Law establishing a ban on such establishments.

To view and download a copy of the sample ballot, click here.

The Draper Memorial Park Field of Flags Is Flying Now

Have you visited the Field of Flags yet?

We invite you to visit Draper Memorial Park in downtown Milford and walk through the glorious sea of red, white, and blue that honors our veterans and active military men and women.

The Field of Flags will remain up through Flag Day (June 14).

Each of the 110+ American flags has been sponsored by an individual, family, business, or local organization.

We encourage everyone who visits to read the names that are memorialized on the cards attached to each flag. The flags are placed in alphabetical order, starting at the Park Street entrance to Draper Park and going counter-clockwise.

Flags sponsored in honor of ALL VETERANS are placed behind the WWII Monument. Last-minute flag sponsorships are placed along Park Street, after the Zs.

To download a map that shows the flag locations by first letter of each honoree’s last name, click here.

Learn more about the Draper Memorial Park Field of Flags here.