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Milford CARES Ballot Question Committee Organized and Registered

Mission Is to Advocate that Milford Voters Opt Out of Retail Marijuana Sales on September Ballot Question to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Future for Our Kids and Community 

Citizens for Milford, along with community leaders and other Milford residents, has organized Milford CARES (Milford Community Against Recreational Marijuana Retail Establishments), a Ballot Question Committee whose sole mission is to maintain the health, safety, and integrity of the community by informing Milford residents about the consequences imposed by retail sales of recreational marijuana and by advocating that voters elect to prohibit pot shops when they vote on Milford’s Marijuana Ballot Question this September.

Milford CARES Chairperson Donna Niro says, “We certainly respect each person’s right to consume medical or recreational marijuana as allowed by state law. Milford CARES wants to ensure that Milford voters are aware of the potential negative impacts our family community could face if we allow retail pot shops to open here. One particular concern is increased access to edible marijuana products containing high levels of THC, such as cookies and gummy bears, that appeal to kids and are not easily distinguished from their non‑marijuana counterparts.”

Local realtor Joshua Lioce shares concerns regarding Milford’s reputation, “Having retail marijuana shops will work against the image of our town, which will have more of a negative impact not only on real estate values but the image of our community and even our school system.”

Regarding the potential impact on schools, Milford’s School Committee Chairman Joe Morais says, “Edibles are easy to share and conceal, and monitoring products of this nature in schools will be an additional and challenging responsibility for our teachers and administrators.”

Milford’s Special Town Election will be held Tuesday, September 19. The ballot will include only one question, which asks voters if they want to prohibit recreational marijuana retail establishments in Milford. A “yes” vote would prohibit such businesses, but would have no impact on medical marijuana treatment centers or other types of recreational marijuana establishments (such as cultivators, testing facilities, and product manufacturers).

Milford CARES encourages Milford voters to review the content on its web page, which includes the sample ballot, a map of the allowed marijuana zones in Milford, a list of actions being taken in surrounding communities, and relevant links and statistics regarding the community impacts of recreational marijuana on the health of our youth, public safety, and the integrity of the community.

The mission of Milford CARES is supported by all members of the Board of Selectmen; Amy Leone of Community Impact and Milford’s Regional Substance Abuse Program; Milford Public Schools Director of Nursing Judy Dagnese and Wellness Coordinator Lisa White; members of the Milford School Committee; members of the Milford Board of Health; and State Senator Ryan Fattman.

Any Milford resident who is interested in volunteering is welcome to send an email to

Milford CARES will be hosting a public forum the week before the Special Town Election. Details will be announced at a later date.