BE THERE! Pre-Town Meeting Forum Scheduled for October 22 in Upper Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.

In Addition to Reviewing 10 Articles, the Forum Will Feature a Demonstration of Electronic Voting

The Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee has selected and ranked the Oct. 28th Special Town Meeting Warrant Articles to be addressed at the October 22, 2019 Pre-Town Meeting Forum from those submitted with the highest number of responses.

The Committee encourages Town Meeting Members and the public to attend and participate in the Forum and thereby become better informed on the issues that will be considered at the October 28, 2019 Special Town Meeting.

The Forum’s goal is to address the 10 selected articles in approximately one and a half hours.


Pre-Town Meeting Forum Scheduled for Tuesday, October 22

Forum Will Be at 7:00 p.m. in Upper Town Hall. All Invited to Attend!

The Milford Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee (TMSIC) is sponsoring a Pre-Town Meeting Forum on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Upper Town Hall. The Forum is open to the public.

The purpose of the Pre-Town Meeting Forum is to provide an opportunity for Town Meeting members, as well as members of the public, to obtain answers to questions they may have regarding some of the Articles contained in the October 28, 2019 Special Town Meeting Warrant.

Sponsors of Articles will be available to make brief presentations and to answer questions. Participants are encouraged not to advocate for or against a particular Article. No votes or decisions concerning any of the Articles in the Warrant will be made at this forum.

Town Meeting members and the public are requested to indicate which Articles they would like to have addressed. Articles with the highest number of responses will receive special emphasis for discussion.

To submit a request for Articles that you would like to see addressed, please send an email to by October 10. In the subject line please write “Pre-Town Meeting Forum,” and in the body of the email indicate the Article-numbers.

For those who do not use email, please mail the Article-numbers you would like to see addressed to Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee, Town Hall, 52 Main Street, Milford, MA 01757.

Please note, the forum will include a demonstration of Electronic Voting.

Help us spread the word! Download and share the event flyer!

Two More Field of Flags Displays Planned in Draper Memorial Park This Year

Number of Flags More Than Doubled Since Project Launch in 2016

Citizens for Milford and the Milford Corps of the Salvation Army will be installing the Draper Memorial Park Field of Flags two more times this year. This community project—created to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of our veterans and active military personnel on five patriotic holidays each year—began small with just 78 flag sponsorships four years ago, but has now more than doubled to an expansive display of over 180 American flags.

The Field of Flags will be installed in Draper Park this Wednesday, August 28, in honor of Labor Day, and come down September 12. The flags will return to Draper Park in honor of Veterans Day, going up November 6 and down November 13.

Flag sponsors Stephanie Fino and Stephen Laczenski state, “We are so proud to visit the Draper Park Field of Flags that are displayed during patriotic holidays throughout the year. It is comforting to see our Dad next to all the veterans of all the wars who fought so bravely for our country to secure the freedoms that we enjoy today.”

And flag sponsor Flora Kasparian says, “The Field of Flags keeps Vartan Panagian in his family’s memory. It’s a beautiful sight in Milford….in a town that he loved. Thanks for such a caring project!”

Each flag is sponsored by an individual, family, group, or business for a $60 donation. Sponsors can personalize each flag by providing brief information about the person whom they are recognizing (name, branch of service, dates served, etc.), as well as a photo if desired. Citizens for Milford prints this information on cards and laminates the cards and photos so they can be attached to each flag pole. The laminated cards and photos are typically attached the day after the flags are installed in the ground.

The flags are arranged in Draper Park in alphabetical order, with last names starting with A located in the park entrance off Park Street. Flags that have been sponsored in honor of all veterans are located at the other end of the park behind the WWI monument.

Citizens for Milford and the Salvation Army organize all the work involved in managing the Field of Flags, including everything from maintaining sponsorship information to transporting and storing the flags. Both groups are extremely grateful for the assistance provided by volunteers from other Milford groups. Volunteers from Milford Federal Bank, the Milford Junior Woman’s Club, and Montgomery Lodge, as well as many flag sponsors, often assist with the installation and take-down of the flags. All residents are welcome to help.

“Volunteering for Field of Flags is a humbling and powerful experience. It is a visual reminder of the veterans who have served our country, and the pride we feel, which is reflected in the beautiful display of flags. When I am done helping, I always leave with a grateful heart!” says Cheryl Miller, a member of the Milford Junior Woman’s Club.

Citizens for Milford will be accepting new flag sponsorships next year. Although renewals have been requested before Veterans Day during previous years, Citizens for Milford decided to restructure the sponsorship period to coincide with the calendar year. Therefore, renewal notices will go out in 2020 before the first flag installation.

The majority of funds donated by flag sponsors are used to support the work of the Salvation Army here in Milford, specifically for food assistance and after-school activities for families in need. Citizens for Milford receives a small amount to pay for supplies, such as the yellow ribbons, card stock, and laminating materials. Like the flags, these materials need to be replaced periodically due to weather exposure.

Questions may be emailed to

Draper Memorial Park occupies a triangle of land in the downtown Milford area, located at the intersection of Congress Street and Main Street. The park features monuments that list the names of veterans who served during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Standing tall in the park is the statue of General William Franklin Draper by sculptor Daniel Chester French, whose work also includes the massive marble statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The care and management of Draper Memorial Park falls under the authority of the Milford Parks Commission and Milford Veterans Services. Citizens for Milford is grateful for both office’s enthusiastic support for this project.

Get Counted in the 2020 Census

From the Town Clerk:
The Census Bureau is currently conducting Address Canvassing, the first major field operation of the 2020 Census, and will continue to run through mid-October. Census Bureau address canvassers ensure an accurate and complete count by verifying addresses, which involves noting where houses, apartments, shelters, and other residences are located. Prior to the 2010 Census, address canvassing was done for 100% of the addresses. For the 2020 Census, only about 30% of the addresses will be visited by address canvassers and only in areas where there has been significant changes over the past 10 years. The address canvassers will knock on the door of an address they are trying to verify to confirm the address and inquire if there are any other separate living quarters in the house. These activities will take place during daylight hours. If no one answers the door, the address canvasser will look for visual identifiers to confirm the address, such as an address on a mail box, and if nothing can be found, the address will be flagged for further follow-up.

We have reached out to the Census Bureau requesting advance notice of the locations and dates of any Census address canvassers who will be working in Massachusetts, so that we can distribute this information to you to disseminate publicly to avoid further inquiries. However, it seems unlikely we will get this information. The Census Bureau has stated that they are proactively working with local law enforcement. Their Office of Security sent a memo and a poster about Address Canvassing to each and every law enforcement agency in the country. The poster contains sample pictures of the official government badge with photo ID and the bag and laptop with the 2020 Census logo that address canvassers will have with them. In addition, via a partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, every police station in the country will show the Address Canvassing video this week at the start of police shifts, known as roll call, so that police officers know the operation is occurring and how to identify a census worker. We’ve asked the Census Bureau to provide us with additional information, including handouts and posters, that you can use to display in your city and town halls regarding the program. As we explained to the Bureau, it is likely that you will receive inquiries as residents may be confused with the local street listing process.

Here is a link to the information already publicly distributed by the Census Bureau regarding the program. At this link, there is a short video that you can put on your municipal website that helps explain the program and how to identify address canvassers.

“Verify Census Workers in Your Area”

Learn more:

If you are visited by someone from the Census Bureau, and want to verify their identity and occupation, here are some tips to assure the validity of the field representative:

Download the tri-fold flyer regarding the 2020 census here.

NOW Accepting New Flag Sponsorships for Draper Park Field of Flags in Time for Memorial Day Display

Honor a Veteran, Active Member of the Military, or All Veterans by Sponsoring a Flag for a $60 Donation

Citizens for Milford is continuing its partnership with the Milford Corps of the Salvation Army to expand the Draper Memorial Park Field of Flags, a tribute acknowledging the service and sacrifice of our veterans and active military personnel with a display of American flags placed in Draper Memorial Park on five patriotic holidays each year. The next display will be installed this Memorial Day.

All area citizens, organizations, and businesses are invited to sponsor a 3′ x 5′ American flag to fly on a 10′ staff in Draper Memorial Park for a $60 donation. Each flag will include a yellow ribbon with an attached card naming the person being honored, the honoree’s military branch and years of service, and the sponsor’s name. Sponsors can choose to honor a veteran (alive or deceased), an active member of the military, or all our nation’s veterans. Sponsors can also choose to include a photograph to be attached to the name card.

A $60 donation paid this spring sponsors a flag in Draper Park for the following patriotic holidays in 2019: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

IMPORTANT! If you paid for a flag sponsorship last November, you do NOT need to fill out a new form or send money. The sponsorship donation you paid last year will keep your flag flying through Labor Day this year. If you want to sponsor a NEW flag, you do need to complete the form and send a donation check.

Field of Flags Chairperson Peter Scandone says, “We are truly grateful to everyone who has chosen to sponsor a flag as a visual testament to the heroism of our many local veterans and active duty service members. We are eager to accept new sponsorships to continue increasing the sea of flags in Draper Memorial Park.”

To sponsor a flag for the Draper Memorial Park Field of Flags project, citizens need to complete the sponsorship form and mail it to the address provided on the form with a $60 check made out to the Salvation Army before May 15. Requests for a sponsorship form can be submitted by email to

You can read more details about this project here.

Draper Memorial Park occupies a triangle of land in the downtown Milford area, located at the intersection of Congress Street and Main Street. The park features monuments that list the names of veterans who served during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Standing tall in the park is the statue of General William Franklin Draper by sculptor Daniel Chester French, whose work also includes the massive marble statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The care and management of Draper Memorial Park falls under the authority of the Milford Parks Commission and Milford Veterans Services. Citizens for Milford is grateful for both office’s enthusiastic support for this project.

Ask Questions About Town Meeting Articles at the Pre-Town Meeting Forum on May 15

The Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee (TMSIC) will be hosting the Pre-Town Meeting Forum on Wednesday, May 15 at 7:00 Upper Town Hall.

This event provides an opportunity for all Milford residents—not just Town Meeting members—to listen to presentations about 10 to 12 different articles on the Town Meeting warrant and to ask questions. A secondary goal of this forum is to promote a greater understanding of Town Meeting.

A sample of the articles to be discussed include the following. The complete list of articles is listed in the agenda.

  • Article 11: Increase the Board of Selectmen from Three to Five Members
  • Article 18: Change the Annual Town Election Date from April to November
  • Article 13: Purchase Fees for the Milford Water Company
  • Article 12: Health Insurance for Surviving Spouses of Town Empl0yees
  • Article 15: Police Chief Services

You can find additional information in the following documents:

Milford Beautification Day 2019 a HUGE Success

THANK YOU MILFORD! Over 130 Volunteers of All Ages Worked to Beautify Milford This Year–the Most Volunteers Ever!

Citizens for Milford and the Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail once again teamed up to organize the Fifth Annual Milford Beautification Day on April 27, 2019. A cloudy, blustery day did not deter intrepid volunteers from the hard work of picking up all kinds of trash on Milford’s streets, parks, and trails.

The Friends expanded Beautification Day efforts this year with an opportunity for families with kids to plant hostas at Louisa Lake and a fulfilled request for Daisy Scouts to weed the butterfly garden on the trail. For the second year, Girl Scouts distributed free tree seedlings.

Although our trash recon efforts earlier this week revealed a cleaner Milford than last year, plenty of areas were in need of a good pick up. Four pick-up trucks gathered all the bags of trash, as well as miscellaneous large items that had been dumped around town. One truck reported having collected 70 bags plus a glass metal table, multiple items of upholstered furniture, a refrigerator, 70″ TV, two tires, one mattress, three doors, wooden bench, keyboard, and a shovel–all now safely delivered to the Transfer Station. A second truck delivered six truck loads of bags, four grocery carts, ten tires, and one sofa. The third truck delivered 120 bags. Yep, that’s right—120 bags of trash!

Citizens for Milford extends a sincere THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped! In particular, we thank the Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail, Milford Highway Department, Milford Board of Health, and Republic Services for supporting our efforts. We also thank the volunteers from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Community Service Program and from Milford Federal for jump starting our clean-up efforts on Thursday and Friday.

And MORE thanks go to Milford residents who gave up part of their Saturday to participate in this community effort, including members of the following groups: Daisy Troops 64892, 64940, 65017; Brownie Troops 64720 and 30016; Girl Scout Troop 11276; Scout BSA Girl Troop 219; Milford MA Rotary Club; The Milford Youth Center; St. Mary of the Assumption Confirmation Class; and Milford High School Honor Society and Connections Program! Everyone worked hard and it SHOWS!

Working together, we can KEEP MILFORD BEAUTIFUL!

Check out all our photos in our Facebook album! You can view the photos even if you do not have a Facebook account.

Milford Beautification Day Is Saturday, April 27

All Milford Residents Invited to Help Us Make a Clean Sweep of Our Community! Watch Our Quick VIDEO INVITATION!

Citizens for Milford is organizing its Fifth Annual Milford Beautification Day, Milford’s annual clean-up event, which enables area residents, organizations, and businesses to work together to beautify our community by picking up trash around town. Milford Beautification Day will be held Saturday, April 27th (rain or shine) from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. All interested citizens are invited to meet with organizers anytime between those hours in the municipal parking lot across from Sacred Heart Church (5 East Main Street) to get supplies, instructions, and assignments.

Families, community groups, churches, local businesses, and teenagers who need to perform service hours are all invited to participate. Younger children are encouraged to attend as long as they are accompanied by a supervising adult. 

Event co-sponsor Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail will be expanding their Beautification Day efforts this year. In addition to organizing the clean-up of the Trail, they will also be working with interested families to help plant a flower garden near the Trail entry at Louisa Lake.

Trash bags, gloves, and water will be provided to all clean-up volunteers. Top soil, mulch, and plants will be provided to the volunteers who work on the garden project. The clean-up supplies are being donated by Republic Services, and the Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail are donating the planting materials.

In conjunction with the efforts being organized for Beautification Day, Citizens for Milford has also arranged for volunteers from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department Community Service Program to initiate the Beautification Day work by conducting a clean-up of main streets around town on April 25 and 26.

Questions regarding any of the Beautification Day efforts may be submitted by email to

The two event sponsors are sincerely grateful for the assistance and donations provided by the Milford Board of Health, the Milford Highway Department, Republic Services, and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department Community Service Program.

Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization formed in 2005 to benefit the Town of Milford and surrounding areas, working diligently and in cooperation with the Town of Milford Parks and other departments, various community groups, and interested parties to educate area residents about the recreation and transportation opportunities offered by the Milford section of the trail; promote the use, development, enjoyment, and care of the Milford section of the trail; and raise and expend funds to support trail maintenance and improvements for the benefit of the residents of the Milford area. Information is available on the organization’s website ( and Facebook page (


Congratulations 2019 Town Election Winners

And THANK YOU to EVERYONE Who Served Our Town by Running for Office!

Unofficial polling results for the Milford Town Election from the Town Clerk’s office show that 2,266 votes were cast, which is 13% of Milford’s total registered voters. 

Mike Walsh will retain his seat on the Board of Selectmen. James Ligor will also retain his seat on the School Committee. He will be joined by John Erickson. Margaret Myatt and Stephanie Abisla will take seats on the Library Board of Trustees. All incumbent constables will retain their positions. Scott Vecchiolla retained his seat on the Vernon Grove Board of Trustees; Kristen Gardner will join him on that board.

Congratulations to all the winners, and THANK YOU to everyone who threw their hats in the ring! We truly appreciate your service to our Town!

Read the complete unofficial results here.

Several Town Meeting Seats Are Open! Check Out Our Easy Instructions for Running a Write-In Campaign

Have you always wanted to run for Town Meeting, but didn’t want to collect all those signatures? Well, there’s another way. This year Town Meeting has openings for 3-year, 2-year, and 1-year seats. You could run for one of them simply by asking voters in your precinct to write in your name and street address when they vote on April 2.

To see the openings in each precinct, view the Sample Ballots. Each precinct has its own distinct ballot, which is a separate page in this file. Keep in mind that all precincts have 10 write-in spots for the full three-year terms. This means that the votes will go to the 10 folks who get the most votes, whether they are incumbents, new candidates, or write-ins.

To run a write-in campaign, follow these tips to ensure the best possible outcome:

  • Ask registered voters who live in your precinct to vote for you by writing in your name. Focus on folks you know who are likely to vote.
  • IMPORTANT!!! The Town Clerk respectfully requests that you do NOT give voters stickers to put on their ballots because the stickers jam the vote counting machines. Save your tax dollars! Ask voters to WRITE IN the names!
  • Be sure that the voters know the correct spelling of your name and your street address.
  • Explain to voters that to vote for you, all they need to do is write in your name and street address in the appropriate space for Town Meeting Members AND to fill in the oval at the end of the line. If the oval is not filled in, the vote does not count! Voters must use the marker provided in the voting booth to fill in the oval. See the illustration below.
  • Tell voters to bring a ballpoint pen to use to write in your name and address because the write-in space is too small for the marker provided in the ballot box.
  • To make this as easy as possible for your voters, give them a small slip of paper or a business card with your name and address typed on it. Be sure to tell them NOT to leave this at the polls. Simply suggest that they put the paper in their pocket or purse when they are done voting. It is OK to bring this into the ballot box; it is not OK to leave it there.
  • Remember to vote for yourself on April 2!
  • Before the election date, please call the Town Clerk’s office at (508) 634-2307 OR send an email to the Town Clerk at to let her know you are running a write-in campaign. This will help the staff count the write-in votes more easily.

How to Write In a Candidate 2016

Download a handout with instructions for running a write-in campaign.