Board of Selectmen Vote to Revise Article 17

Milford’s Board of Selectmen voted Monday, May 12 to remove all references to transferring land to the Trustees of Reservations from Article 17, which is included in the warrant to be voted on at Town Meeting on May 19. Instead, Article 17 will now only seek to transfer the town-owned parcels of land in question to the Milford Conservation Commission. Chairman Dino DeBartolomeis and Selectmen Bill Buckley both voted to make this change. Selectman Brian Murray was unable to attend the meeting.

Citizens for Milford co-chairmen John Seaver and Steve Trettel had presented their concerns about transferring Milford’s land to an outside entity to the Board of Selectmen at their previous meeting. At that meeting, Seaver and Trettel encouraged the Selectmen to consider simply transferring the land to the Conservation Commission as an alternative to transferring to the Trustees.

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