Milford Town Election 2024 Results

The official results of the Milford Town Election have been posted by the Town Clerk here. The Town Clerk reports that a total of 2,868 ballots were cast. This number includes the Election day totals at the precincts, plus the totals from central tabulation at Town Hall on election day.
School Committee (3 Seats)
Meghan R. Hornberger: 1615 votes
Christopher D. Wilson: 1490 votes
Matthew Zacchilli: 1878 votes
Gregory M. Allegrezza: 1478 votes
Board of Health (1 Seat)
Loriann Braza: 1303 votes
Diana Haynes: 1011 votes
Charles Skaff: 363 votes
1-year seat on Vernon Grove Trustees
Paul Boisclair: 1284 votes
Jason Vaz: 900 votes
Helpful Hint! When reviewing the Official Results file, according to the Town Clerk’s office, the first pages of the Official Results file show the votes tallied at the individual precincts and the other pages show the 815 votes tallied from central processing. Central processing is new this year and counts the votes that were mailed in. If you review the numbers in the Official Results, you need to combine the votes from both tallies to get the totals.
CONGRATULATIONS to all the winning candidates and THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to run for local office!

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