Planning to Run for Office This Year?

Milford’s Town Election Will be Held Tuesday, April 7. Nomination Papers Available Monday, January 6

 Milford, Massachusetts residents interested in running for Town office can pick up nomination papers beginning Monday, January 6 at 8:30 a.m. in the Town Clerk’s Office.


All interested candidates (including any incumbent candidates) are required to be registered voters in the Town of Milford. The same applies for candidates interested in any Town Meeting Member positions.


To be placed on the ballot, each candidate must return his or her nomiation papers with a minimum number of signatures:
  • To run for a particular office (such as Selectmen or Board of Library Trustees), you are required to obtain at least 50 valid signatures from registered voters in any precinct in the Town of Milford.
  • To run for Town Meeting, you are required to obtain at least 30 valid signatures of voters WITHIN YOUR OWN PRECINCT.

Citizens for Milford recommends that candidates try to obtain MORE signatures than required, just in case some of the signatures cannot be verified.

The following offices are on the April 7, 2020 ballot. Names of the incumbents eligible for re-election are included. 
William D. Buckley, Selectman (3 year term)
Amy E. Hennessy Neves, Town Clerk (3 year term)
Scott J. Crisafulli, Highway Surveyor (3 year term)
Joseph F. Niro, Board of Assessor (3 year term)
Leonard A. Izzo Sr., Board of Health (3 year term)
Edward Bertorelli, Library Trustee (3 year term)
Joseph P. Arcudi, Park Commissioner (3 year term)
Marble M. Mainini III, Planning Board (5 year term)
Thomas J. Morelli, Sewer Commissioner (3 year term)
Michael J. Noferi, Town Moderator (3 year term)
Jennifer Parson, School Committee (3 year term)
Joseph E. Callery, School Committee (3 year term)
Michael A. Diorio, Housing Authority (5 year term)
Henry M. Shahnamian, Trustee of Vernon Grove Cemetery (3 year term)
Jamie Luchini, Trustee of Vernon Grove Cemetery (3 year term)
Charles E. Reneau, Tree Warden/Gypsy Moth Superintendent (3 year term)
(1) 4 year seat, Housing Authority and (1) 3 year term seat for Library Trustee
Town Meeting Members, Precincts 1-8 (Various terms)


Please contact the Town Clerk’s office at (508) 634-2307.

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