Town Meeting Is Monday, May 19th

Do You Know What Issues Town Meeting Will Address?

Milford’s next Town Meeting will be voting on 32 articles. All Milford citizens are encouraged to read the warrant, the document which lists the articles to be discussed and voted on by Town Meeting. Even if you are not a Town Meeting member, you have a voice. Town Meeting members represent the citizens in their precinct, so please take  time to review the warrant and share your opinions with the Town Meeting members in your precinct.

Don’t know who your Town Meeting members are? Click here to download the most up-to-date list.

To download the warrant, click here.

Of particular interest to many are the following two articles:

  • Article 17, sponsored by the Board of Selectmen/Conservation Commission, requests that the town authorize the transfer of five town-owned parcels of land in the area of Louisa Lake to the Milford Conservation Commission. The article furthermore requests to enter a conservation restriction on those parcels and three other parcels on behalf of the Town with the Trustees of Reservations.
    To read more information about the land conservation issue, including a map of the land parcels and  documents explaining the history of this article,  click here.
  • Article 24, sponsored by  the Milford Armory Renovation Committee, requests that the town authorize appropriate money to complete full renovations of the Milford Youth Center (the Armory building). The latest estimate for completing these renovations is $4.6 million.

To download the complete text of these two articles and the other 30, click here.

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