Have You Heard the Plans for the Concrete Plant?

Cement TruckA concrete batch plant is in the works for the property at 400 East Main Street (Route 16) in Milford. This property is located diagonally across from Hickey’s Liquor Store, just east of the I-495 overpass.

The Planning Board discussion that was originally scheduled for August 11 on this issue has been POSTPONED to September 1. 

GET INFORMED! To learn more about what happens at a concrete batch plant, what its impacts are on a community, and what the plans are for mitigating those impacts, go to our Concrete Batch Plant page.  On this page we have summarized the plans for the plant and provided links to documents from the developer, as well as links to pertinent news articles.

If you are concerned about the impacts such a facility will have on Milford and what steps the developer is taking to mitigate them, then we urge you to attend Tuesday night’s Planning Board meeting. Although the property is zoned correctly, Citizens for Milford wants to ensure all protections built into this plant to safeguard air quality, water supply, etc. will be implemented correctly, monitored, and enforced.


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